Prudena is proud to work with the following sponsors.

Quovo offers investment data solutions for financial advisors, portfolio managers, and the technology firms that support them. By combining proprietary technology with user-friendly design, the Quovo platform integrates account aggregation, portfolio analytics, and interactive insights into a set of powerful and easily configurable cloud-based services. For more information, visit

TagniFi delivers modern, highly-accessible, accurate and timely fundamental and market data; enabling customers to build the next-generation of financial applications. For more information, visit

Quandl is building the leading platform for numerical data on the Internet. With millions of financial and economic datasets published by hundreds of sources, Quandl makes it easy for anyone to find, use, buy, sell or share data.

Stratfor is a geopolitical intelligence firm that provides strategic analysis and forecasting to individuals and organizations around the world. By placing global events in a geopolitical framework, they help customers anticipate opportunities and better understand international developments. Prudena users can sign up for a discounted subscription here.

Market data is provided by Xignite. Xignite, Inc. is the leading provider of market data cloud solutions. The Xignite Market Data Cloud fulfills more than 6 billion requests per month and offers more than 40 financial web services APIs providing real-time, historical, and reference data across all asset classes.'s information processing platform provides the means to store and query XBRL using NoLAP: NoSQL Analytical Processing. NoLAP extends the OLAP paradigm by removing hypercube rigidity and letting users generate their own hypercubes on the fly on the same pool of (fact) values.