About Us

Management Team

Charlie Strout

Charlie Strout, CEO

In addition to his work at Prudena, runs Seven Shadow LLC where he provides financial analysis and software development services to clients. Charlie holds an MBA from Columbia Business School and London Business School where he studied accounting, Behavioral Economics, Behavioral Finance, and Value Investing. Please visit his blog for more information.

Ryan Downie

Ryan Downie, Director of Research

Ryan Downie has over 5 years of experience as an equity research analyst and holds a BA in Economics from Notre Dame. Previously he has focused on the health care and technology sectors while publishing research for Sidoti. Ryan also founded a financial consulting business in 2010. His interests include financial analysis, behavioral finance, behavioral economics and microfinance.

Our Mission

We believe there is a better way.

Let’s face it, doing in-depth equity analysis is a time-consuming, high-skill activity. Not everyone has all the tools to do it well. However, together, we can dramatically reduce the time and effort required to get the insights that we need to make high-quality investment decisions. Wikipedia showed how the crowd can beat the “experts” and produce something incredible. The open-source software revolution revealed how transparency and collaboration can improve quality. The dramatic reduction in cost of financial data and the development of APIs have made it easier than ever to aggregate the data required to perform financial analysis. We believe that the time has come to combine these ideas and new technologies to save everyone time and improve the quality of our financial decisions.

PRUDENA – wiser together.