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TARGET CORP (TGT) Thursday, May 21, 2015

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Speculative long-term growth is a huge risk for investors. Our implied-growth-rate calculator helps you understand that risk by leaveraging an easy-to-understand fiancial model. See how your favorite stocks rate when analyzed with our tool.

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New to Financial Modeling and Quantitavie Analysis

You have come to the right place.

All too often, quantitative analysis has been promoted as the realm of the sophisticated, "Wall Street" insider with big degrees and nice suits. We believe that is rubbish. Anyone who ran a lemonade stand as a kid has the knowledge to get started with financial modeling.

We like to call our most basic model, Model 101, our "ice cream truck" model. It may be more complicated than a lemonade stand, but not much.

Get started with this simple model to get insights about your portfolio holdings right away.

In addition to financial analysis, Prudena also offers a suit of portfolio monintoring tools. Don't look at your holdings as portfolio of stocks. Look at it as a conglomerate of various business lines with our Personal Conglomerate view.

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Share Your Valuable Insights AND Save Yourself Time

You are a modeling pro with a lot of knowledge and insights to share. Prudena gives you a platform and a common framework so that you can make your insights understood.

We also save you a ton of time by automating the collection and organization of the data that you need for a financial model of the equity of your choice. Create a model and share it with friends and the community.

You can also take advantage of the research of our in-house analysts and our Morning Monte. You can even become one of our Chief Analysts and get paid for submitting research to the the community.

Lastly, take advantage of our unique news, portfolio performance and account aggregation tools.

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